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The Luxe brand was freshly established in 2015 by popular stylist, Alyssa Hatin. Alyssa, now owner of her second salon has business savvy, sophistication and always puts an original spin on her work. Luxe brings a refined, polished, and lush salon atmosphere to elegant Downtown Saratoga. The salon's experienced team has the insider knowledge to make sure they are always on trend, delivering each and every client beautiful, breathtaking results time and time again. Stop by Luxe to learn what glamour is all about and to hear about the salon's top of the line, state of the art services that you rarely find all in one place. Luxe, a full-service salon and spa, offers a wide variety of high-end services at affordable prices that will leave customers feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ravishing

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We will be using the OSHA “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19” as a guide for reopening.

• Temperature checks. We will be using a thermometer each day to each client and staff member that enters the salon. Any staff or client who has a temperature above 99°F will be sent home immediately and not allowed to return to the salon/shop until they have no fever and no evidence of COVID-19 symptoms.

• We will be asking. 

 Have you had a cough?

 Have you had a fever,

 Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?  Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

 •Hand-washing with soapy, warm water, for a minimum of 20 seconds will be required as soon as you enter the salon

• We will be seeing clients by appointment ONLY. We will NOT be accepting walk-ins. 

• Our clients will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicle until we are ready to serve them. Please do not bring any guests with you. 

 •Please avoid touching products that you don’t plan to purchase.

 •All door handles and other surfaces that are regularly touched by clients and staff will be disinfected regularly.

 •Hand sanitizer and tissues will be provided for clients.

• Restrooms -

 We will have a sensor antibacterial hand soap. Along with wipes to clean the area after use. 

• Shampoo Bowls-

 All bowls, hoses, spray nozzles, shampoo chairs and arm rests will be cleaned after each use thoroughly. 

• Work stations-

They will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each client along with all appliances, sheers, clippers, clipper guards, clips,combs, brushes, rolling carts and any other items used in connection with servicing clients

• Maintain social distancing at all times! Please no hugs or handshakes. We will have additional spacing between and/or alternate work schedules to accomplish this.

• Personal Protective Gear-

 Wearing masks – Us employees will be required to wear masks at all times. We will also have masks to provide to clients if you don’t have one.

•Gloves – We will be wearing disposable gloves when servicing clients and will change gloves between each client.

 •Capes - Each client will be caped with our disposable capes and thrown away after use. 

•Treatment rooms- We will have disposable bed coverings that will be thrown away after each use, along with all disposable equipment to use on our clients depending on service. 

 •Shoe coverings- We will have you put on our disposable shoe coverings at the front door. 

•Gloves, gowns, drapes, linens and eye coverings will be disposed of between each client or discarded in a closed container and sent out to a laundry service.

•Our salon was professionally cleaned and disinfected before reopening.

We will be using disinfectants that are EPA –registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. No product will be labeled for COVID-19 yet, but many will have human coronavirus efficacy either on the label or available on their website. The EPA has approved any product that has tested as effective against human coronavirus. If in doubt of the effectiveness, check the EPA website.


We will be frequently washing our hands after the use of the phones, computer, cash register and/or credit card machine. And will be wiping these surfaces between each use. We will be accepting Venmo. 



We have Barbicide® or EPA disinfectant wipes, liquid disinfectant containers, and Barbicide® concentrate/or EPA approved disinfectant for disinfecting technical implements and work areas.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have been patient with us through this time. Sanitation has always been a must to the max but now we will be taking extra precautions together. 


Alyssa Hatin

Owner of Luxe Salon|Spa